Friday, December 5, 2008

Alyssa Allen

My irrational fears are as follows:
1. When I was younger there was this thing on TV about this guy who got the hiccoughs and they NEVER WENT AWAY. This is terrifying to me. Everytime I do get the hiccoughs (is it hiccoughs or hiccups?) I feel physically ill and am scared that I will be hiccoughing forever.
2. Also when I was young my parents watched America's Most Wanted every Saturday night and it has instilled in me this fear of there are murderers in my closet--but only when I turn the lights off. So as a kid I was completely inable to sleep without any sort of light on until I was about 16. A lamp, nightlight, the television, lava lamp, any of these had to be on. Or the door had to be left open. And the closet and underneath the bed had to be checked very often. I was positive the moment I stopped looking I would get murdered.
3. If I'm cooking anything on the stove, usually stove popcorn, I am absolutley terrified that I am going to burn myself or light something on fire.
4. As a child, my family and I went to the Oregon coast. The ocean is scary enough but someone had told me that if you swam far out enough the ocean would suck you in and you would be lost at sea. From then on I was afraid that my parents and family were going to get sucked out to sea and then I'll be left, familyless, on the beach. So now I have family-killing ocean fears.
5. Urban legend related fears- like the one where the kid licks the seal on the envelope and a cockroach GROWS in his tongue? Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is going to happen so I use glue sticks on envelopes. Or spiders in the cactus? Fear of cacti and that they will explode with hundreds of spiders.
6. This is not my irrational fear but my mother's. My mother is afraid of styrofoam. And balloons.


DaedHead8 said...

I actually went to college with a woman who had that same affliction with the hiccups. I've shared your same irrational fear of the disorder even since I've met her.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about the hiccups. My parents' best friend has them, and they don't just start one day when you're hiccuping. Something happens to cause them. In his case, he had a plate put in his head to stop his MS symptoms, but it's rubbing on his hiccup nerve and it's too dangerous to take it out. So, that nerve has to get damaged somehow. It does really, really suck balls, though.

Mauricio said...

i'm also scarred to death of balloons i'm afraid they explode and rip something off me