Sunday, December 7, 2008


1. i have this fear of bees, I know this is relatively normal but I go to lengths no one should to avoid them. One particular case being I threw my entire carpet out my second floor window after rolling a bee inside, after which I went to the ground floor and shook out the carpet in attempt to shake the bee free from shag fibres. Thinking I effectively freed the bee I pulled the carpet back inside and realized (to my horror) that the bee was still attached. What followed was a potentially hilarious spectacle including throwing shoes, hiding behind my older brother, and an attempt to "sneak up" on the bee from behind and catch it in a glass cup. This, of course, would've been hilarious had I not been crying the entire time and... 16 years old.

2. My second fear is the whenever I pass anyone who's smoking a cigarette I think there just going abruptly turn around and burn me with it. I will go several paces out of my way to avoid someone who's smoking.

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