Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sarah Patrick

I have quite a few irrational fears, but the three worst are:

1) Swing sets. I am absolutly terrified that one day I will be swinging on a swing set and it will break in half causing me to catapult to my death. I can't even look at swing sets without getting freaked out!

2) Trees. I honestly believe that someday all the trees near my house will fall down or blow over and smash my house or kill my family. My neighbors have quite a few precarious trees growing in their yard, it really freakis me out to look at them!

3) Light posts with street signs on them like this one:
I always see them bouncing in the wind and im afraid that they will tip over and crush my car!

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runaway birdy said...

I have the same fear of swings like I'm terrified they will break and like collapse and kill me or my kids I will only swing on them if no one else is on them and I will only let my kids swing a little high and one at a time