Sunday, December 7, 2008

Garrison Bowers

I don't know if you're still taking these, or even where this oneranks on the scale of irrationality but I am scared shitless at thethought of having a fat and or retarded child. It's crippling, andconstantly nags in the back of my mind. Mostly the mental retardationpart. I think it stems mostly for my contempt for fat people, and lackof respect for the mentally ill. I mean what are they going tocontribute to society, unless by shear force of mind power theyrealize that they're a savant and can carve insatiably intricatethings from wood or clay or some other shit. It's irrational becauseI'm fit, eat well and am fairly intelligent... and I can completelyacknowledge that it's irrational. It doesn't scare me any less though.Ugh... the thought of feeding them/watching them eat sends chills upmy arms, even as I type this.

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