Sunday, December 7, 2008


A good friend of mine, who's a sweet girl, but not the most socially adept of cats, has an Irrational fear of Phantom Pregnancy/ Immaculate Conception. I lived with her for a while and every week she'd take a pregnancy test. Knowing that she dosn't go out much, that she was between boyfriends and not the type to have casual sex i asked her what the deal was with this, because invariably they'd end up in the wastebasket next to the toilet.She said ever since she was in a catholic elementary school and learned the story of the immaculate conception. she was concerned that the holy spirit would impregnate her. as she grew older and heard the old wives tales about semen on toilet seats or people having been raped in her sleep. Pretty much since she got her period she has taken a weekly pregnancy test.

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