Sunday, December 7, 2008


My irrational fear started when I started school. The kids in grade three thought it would be hillarious to tell all the new male students that there was a giant worm in the boys toilets that would come out of the toilet, urinal or sink, and eat your penis. Of course, no wants to have their penis eaten, so my entire year level never went to the toilet at school. This resulted in numerous pant wettings (proud to say I was not one of them) and the teachers found out what was happening, and proceeded to tell us that it was all nonsense. I know that there is no giant worm in the toilets, but it conditioned me to never use public toilets. I will hold it until I get home, or I will not need to go until I get home. If it is a matter of go or crap your pants, I will of course use public toilets, but I will try my hardest not to. So I do not have a fear of giant penis eating worms, but more of toilets

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