Monday, December 8, 2008

Chris Storey

I have an insanely irrational fear of butterflies or really anything flying around my head. I found I had this fear when I went to a butterfly conservatory (big green house where you walk through and there are butterflies freely flying around). I was walking through and all of a sudden this paralyzing fear came over me that a butterfly would stupidly fly into my face and get stuck there and just keep fluttering its wings all around my face. It was about 85 degrees in the green house but I put on my winter jacket and zipped it all the way up and put the hood on. I then ran all the way through the place. There were little kids all happy with butterflies landing on their heads and I was about 12 at the time freaking out. If a butterfly had come near my I wouldn't have hesitated to punch it out of the air. I talked to my mom about this and apparently she has the exact same fear. I hate much


Storm said...

LOL. I have the exact same fear!!! Everyone in my family jokes about it all the time. Unfortunately I cannot pinpoint to when exactly it happened or maybe why but I am insanely terrified of butterflies. Even seeing them on TV makes me a little queezy. I think they are beautiful too. Eeck!!!

The Pitones Family said...

People ALWAYS make fun of me for being so afraid of Butterflies and Moths. But for me I can't even look at them. If one is near me I will run. It's almost Maury Povich Show-status phobia.

I think I've figured out why I'm scared of them though. You know how they have the markings on them to scare off predators? They scare me too. LOL! I can't even try to picture the wings in my head without my pulse racing.

So I can honestly say that lepidopterophobia is SO REAL and you are totally not alone!!!!

nicole said...

lol! my lil sister is like that in the bird aviaries at the zoo! she HATED them! after one landed on her head, she put on her windbreaker (it was probably 90 degrees outside), zipped it up, and pulled up the hood. it was hilarious!!

TheSam antha said...

I have the same fear, and butterflys and moths freak me out the most. But anything really flying around my face and scream and run away. Trust me your not the only person.