Sunday, December 7, 2008


My major irrationalities stem from specific fears relating to critterdom. I have resided on the island of Oahu for the past nine years, right smack in the middle of rainforest country.

1. B52s: These delightful creatures are mutant cockroaches and I become mildly irrational around them. They can grow to be the size of a small thumb and feast on scum and feces. Lurking quietly anywhere there is moisture, they are known to spring at you..'cause they can freaking fly. Almost always in public places, I have spazzed out whenever one has coming screaming towards me. The locals laugh at me; then they squish them with their slippa (flip-flop sandal.) Gnarly. Really gnarly. I prefer Raid..lemon scented. There are at least four cans in my apartment for just such an event.B52 bombers are a recent addition to my cache of flying-bug fears. Dragonflies blow too; they used to chase me around our meadow as a child. Horrible, scarring memories in that meadow.

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