Sunday, December 7, 2008


ok, my biggest irrational fear is a T-rex.
yeah, T-rex the creature known to be dead for 65 million years. Whenever I walk down the street I'm afraid that a T.rex is gonna turn the corner and see me.
My other irrational fear is very large animals, (elephants, giraffes, and such) cause I know that sooner or later they're gonna be pissed off for being locked up in a zoo all damn day.
My other irrational fear is the mentally handicapped. I've met alot of mentally disabled people and they can be some of the sweetest people on the face of the earth, but I always have a niggling doubt in the back of my mind that they want to eat me.
I'm also afraid of anyone finding my porn. It could be Hugh Heffner, Ron Jeremy, and Gene Simmons sitting in a room full of naked women and I wouild be absolutly mortified if they found my porn.
Also when i was a kid I was afraid spiderman lived in my closet, and the sesame street gang was trying to kill me.

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Suzie said...

Dinosaurs really freak me out too. When I was little I told people I was allergic to them. I recently saw a video of these new dinosaur puppets that look like the real thing, and it majorly wigged me out.