Sunday, December 7, 2008


I have a long list of irrational fears because I let my imagination get me really riled up, but off the top of my head, Irecall one irrational fear and one decent fear with horribly irrational beginnings. Any time I'm drinking out of a normal cup with no lid and leave the drink sitting in another room, I imagine a snake coming along and dripping deadly poison into my drink. Then he presumably slithers over to some nearby nook to watch me drink my death. So I usually end up drinking out of a travel mug with a lid or leaving the room to test whether my drink has been envenomed or not in private, away from the amusement of that bastard asp.

Also, years ago, I liked playing this old shitty Captain America and the Avengers game. It was a shoddy side scrolling brawler with ridiculous digitized voices and made me laugh a lot. Whenever one of the Avengers would get taken out though, they'd shout, 'I cannot move!' and blink away in death. This always creeped me out as I took it to mean that they had actually died and their soul was trapped, conscience within their inert corpse, left to wonder, in horror, why they can no longer move until the realization of their death dawns on them. Since then, I have a fear of remaining conscience within my corpse after I die. Now that I think of it though, the game was probably trying to represent the Avengers receiving spinal damage that would leave them as quadriplegics.

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Katie said...

I'm terrified of remaining conscious in my corpse after I die too! I have an illness that causes me to pass out rather often, and during the really bad episodes when I start coming to, I become aware that I exist. Unfortunately, I can't hear, see, talk, feel, smell, move or anything. I'm just lying there, aware that I exist but I am just there in darkness. I am terrified that death will be like that.