Sunday, December 7, 2008

Alicia Doan

My fears:
1. Spiders and their sticky webs. Gross, big, fuzzy spiders. I'm am afraid they will jump on me, bite my face, sink their fangs into me and kill me. I'm generally okay if I'm outside and I come across one. But if it's inside my house... that's MY territory. And I'll scream if I see one.
2. Alligators under my bed. I used to turn off my bedroom lights and then do a long jump onto my bed when it was bedtime, so that they wouldn't snap at my feet and drag me under.
3. Someone hiding underneath the couch or bed, who will then reach out and grab my feet/cut my achilles' tendon. I think I saw it happen to a guy in a horror movie once, and to this day I prefer to sit on a couch with my feet way out in front of me.
4. Bugs in berry yogurt. I'm okay with something like peach yogurt, but I hate eating blueberry yogurt because I'm afraid instead of a berry, it'll be a bug. There's a scene in the movie The Whole 9 Yards where a woman eats a bug in her yogurt, that's what started it.
5. That scene in Rocky 4 where Clubber Lange dies. I know, seriously ridiculous. I remember seeing it when I was a little kid, and it just scarred me for life. I have to leave the room or cover my eyes if that scene comes on. I get very anxious and feel like crying.
6. Vampires biting my neck when I sleep. So I always pull my cover up high to protect me. Actually, anything to do with getting a throat hurt. I hate watching scary movies where someone get's a throat slit, it makes me feel like my neck has pressure on it.


Tori said...

This person watches too many movies...

Paul said...

I think you mean Apollo Creed. Clubber Lange was Mr. T in Rocky III (who inadvertantly killed Mickey). Ivan Drago killed a woefully under-prepared Apollo Creed in Rocky IV.

What? Why are you all looking at me like that?

(haha: word verification is "expers" as in not quite experts ... well I found it funny.)

Tammy said...

OMFG. that was pet cemetery. since i was a kid i was afraid of kneeling/laying anywhere near my bed because of that scene with the baby. ugh.