Sunday, December 7, 2008


So, I've got an irrational fear of aliens. Specifically aliens at night. Whenever I go to get a drink of water at night, I'm always terrified that an alien will be hiding behind a door or corner and I'll see it on the way back or it'll walk out and glare at me. I'm not scared of what the alien will do after I see it, I'm just scared the actual sight of one. I think it's because it'll mean that intelligent life exists that's capable of interstellar travel, and the best thing they can find to do is hide around my house and scare me.
On that same subject, I'm scared that when I look out the window at night I'll see a UFO or alien, specifically ET the Extraterrestrial. I don't know why it's ET in specific and not the Signs aliens or a Klingon or whatever, I mean, I haven't even seen ET's movie.

Also, I'm terrified of cockroaches. I've even written a short story on my encounter with one of them after a shower. I'm pretty sure these buggers have something against me. More have ended up on my upper body than I dare to count (And there was one on my leg once, heading north, but I managed to remove him in a fit of wild flailing and screaming before he got close enough to do permanent mental damage. No other lower body encounters, thankfully), and everytime I see a decently sized one I have to scream or swear. Another weird thing is I'm not at all afraid of cockroaches in videogames or movies (The roach in Wall-E was so cute!), it's just their physical presence that bugs me.

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Cool Tapes said...

Me too about the aliens. (Not the cockroaches; I'm lucky enough to have never seen a cockroach.) Anytime I see lights in the sky that I can't immediately dismiss as a plane or helicopter, I freak out. And in the movie "Signs", when they showed the alien at the birthday party, I screamed so loud that a neighbour came to see if I was okay. And I never scream at movies or even roller coasters. Aliens are seriously scary!