Sunday, December 7, 2008


1. I am completely terrified of closet doors being open. At any time. Because I know E.T. is sitting in there, watching me.

2. I believe that if I stay in the shower for more than five minutes, a demon will appear and murder me for using too much water. I time myself and start hyperventilating when I get close to that five-minute mark.

3. I can't sleep without my back to a wall, because I think someone will crawl in bed with me when I'm not looking.


Suzie said...

I was terrified of ET too- I still know what he smells like (the smell yo get in your nose when its so cold out that it sort of freezes). I used to think ET lived in my furnace room, but would hide out in my shelf of stuffed animals and watch me sleep.

Nicole said...

Ew, you've just given me a new fear. But I sleep with my back against the wall anyway, so I'll be safe.