Sunday, December 7, 2008


Maybe it started with those Unsolved Mysteries episodes or the random "Searching for Sasquatch" specials the Discovery channel loves so much. Maybe it was "Harry and the Hendersons". Either way I am terrified of an enormous man-ape beast. Smart enough to open doors and climb stairs but without the morals that come with being human. This irrational fear was only made worse when we moved out to a wooded area where my dogs get randomly spooked and we've seen the weirdest prints in the snow. I have fairly large feet but the tracks we found were at least 3 times larger than my bare foot and they led in the direction where the dogs would always get skittish.
As nice as it feels to get this off my chest, it's pretty terrible to think about it. *Shudder* Just waking up to a horrible hairy face and soulless eyes.

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