Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stephanie Fitzner

MY Irrational fear: My totally ridiculous irrational fear is that when I use the toilet a hand is going to reach up and grab and suck me into the sewers. It has gotten to the point where I must watch between my legs while using to toilet to make sure nothing grabs me.

I am terrified to open blinds at night. I'm scared that there'll be a murderer staring at me and then they'll smash through the window and kill me.
Also, I can't look out the window when I'm driving on a highways surrounded by trees at night. I'm scared that I'll see some dead person and they'll be all dead and they'll slowly walk towards the car, then, the car for some reason will stop in it's tracks and the doors'll jam and the dead person will eat us.

I'm scared that when I'm sleeping in the basement and I hear my family walking upstairs that it's really some person with a big machine gun and they'll come downtstairs and shoot me until I'm full of holes.

Also, I fear that when I'm cooking I'll trip and fall face first into the frying pan and my face will fall off.

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