Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mandy Moore

1. Eyes. When I was a baby, my mother hung a tapestry with a giraffe on it. I cried and cried, until she replaced it with one that had a train on it. As a teenager, I couldn't have posters because they were looking at me. Even now, I have some figurines that I must turn around to face the wall before I go to sleep because they are looking at me.
2. Stuffed animals, especially ones that talk and/or move. Teddy Ruxpin terrified me as a child. When Furbys came out, that terror was compounded.
3. Being stuck in traffic under an overpass. I just know it is going to collapse right on top of me. Even if I am stuck just before, or just after the overpass, I will imagine a vehicle flying over the side and landing on the passenger compartment of my vehicle.
4. I fear, every day, that my daughters will not make it home from school. Any time they leave my sight, I fear the worst.


jellybellybean said...

The car flying off the overpass thing just happened in Toronto. The load of a 16-Wheeler flew off an overpass onto a couple cars below

Ryland said...

The furby thing is totally natural. THEY DON'T EVER SHUT UP. I hit mine with a hammer a few times, fixed the bastard.