Sunday, December 7, 2008


1. I have an irrational fear of large creatures in the sea -- to the point where my stomach turns and I begin to feel panicky just thinking about them! I say it's irrational because I'm not talking sharks or groups of jellyfish or anything else that could harm me. I find whales to be the worst offenders, especially in pictures or videos where you can see how large they are in comparison to divers, submarines or ships. There was actually a video game I used to own that involved deep sea diving for treasure and one level involved exploring this HUGE expanse of open water and, sure enough, a blue whale would come swimming by at one point. Just thinking about it makes my stomach flip. And to be honest, the same goes for ships at the bottom of the ocean. That could maybe be considered rational because of the tragedy associated with most sunken ships... except I don't find their history/decomposition to be creepy, it's that they're SO BIG!
2. To this day, I cannot microwave something without curling in on myself and turning my back to the microwave. Or I may even leave the room. I am absolutely convinced that it is going to blow up one day and I'm going to be blinded by shards of glass.
3. If I am alone in my house and it is dark, I have to run up the steps and wave my arms behind me to make sure that no one grabs me -- and if they try to, I'm going to try to knock them down, first.
4. Maggots/worms hatching inside of me. The picture of maggots being removed from that woman's breast was fake but that image continues to haunt me all the same!


Shannon Lambert said...

Those are my fears lol. I am freaked out by whales, but not sharks. I don't like the idea of the Lochness or sea creatures. Submarines scare me and just even dark silhouettes in water.
And the idea of someone grabbing me when going up stairs (or hands coming out from under exposed stairs, like porches or unfinished basement stairs). I imagine being chased up them.
And the thought of worms/parasites living/hatching in me. Uhhgggg.

Hannah said...

Don't be silly.
Microwaves are made of plastic, not glass.
So when that humming monstrosity of death goes "clunk", the universe pauses for a second to fully allow you to feel every bit of fear you can conjure up, the microwave will burst into a cloud of PLASTIC shards coming at you with deadly precision.

TheSam antha said...

I have the same fear about big animals/cretures in water. I have a hard time swiming in lakes or oceans because im afraid somethings going to eat me or pull me under. If I cant see whats underneith me I dont like going into the water.