Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stephanie Asling

I have an irrational fear of hot air. You know when you open the oven and that blast of hot air hits you? It makes me want to flail around and stick my head in a bucket of cold water. And I can't put my head down in my arms on a desk or something because the hot air from my breath makes me scared that I'm going to suffocate. (Okay, maybe that's not so irrational after all.)

I also can't take a bath without closing the shower curtain, because I think a monster or a killer is going to run into the bathroom (locked door or not) and find me sitting naked and helpless in the bath.Sometimes at night, I have to run into my room and make a flying leap for my bed, because I'm afraid something is going to reach out from underneath it and grab me by the ankles.

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