Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sual Dolem

1. Things hanging over me where I swim. When I was little I used to take swimming lessons in this pool with a water-slide suspended over the deep end with cables. I was convinced that anytime I swam under it that the whole thing would detach and slowly push me into the deep dark water. That and I just don't like dark water.

2. I find it really hard to sleep with my eyes exposed. I get this weird sensation that someone or something is standing over me while I sleep and waiting to attack me or prank me or something. I think it stems from seeing too many monters rise up from the space between the bed and the wall and just wait there until the victim woke up and began screaming in terror. So I try and tuck my head into the covers or under my arm, or sleep on my stomach or if I want to sleep on my back I put a pillow just over my eyes but not over my mouth.

1 comment:

TheSam antha said...

For your sleeping fear (about ur eyes) you should try getting a sleeping mask that just covers ur eyes :)