Monday, December 8, 2008

Chris Ritter

I have a tremendous aversion to Mannequinnes, humanoid puppets, like Marrionettes, lawn knomes or ventriliquests dummies, but there are specifics involved, The older they are, the grosser and freakier they become, especially if they have fake unkempt facial hair. shoddy make up,rosy cheeks, deteriorating, or are dressed in old antique clothing, thats the worst, They make me literally sick, I get very nausous and I avoid them at all costs so I dont dry heave or throw up, (I DO LOVE the Muppets however), Ive had episodes where Ive not been able to leave the area, like a carnival ride or a CPR training course involving a dummy, I had to put my mouth on this thing! and I got sick.
2 movies really bother me..Poltergeist, when the evil clown comes out from under the bed and a film called Magic, about a ventriliquist and his dummy, It freaks me out to think about those films even today.. and Im im my mid 40s! Modern dummies don't bother me as much like a naked chrome human "form" in a store, Im fine, its the fleshy, aged fake humaness of something that gets to Me, not sure why, Some clowns bother me but some don't, I think its the idea of someone WANTING to be a clown and do dumb, cheesy clown antics that just makes me very dissapointed and I feel sad and embarrassed for them, Clowns are depressing to me. Ill steer clear if possble.

I have a rational fear of NOT being armed at any given moment.

Someone mentioned being punched out of the blue, I can understand that one too, Ive seen It happen and have cold cocked someone my damn self. (but they deserved it!)

Im scared to go into a lake, the murkeier the freakier. who knows what lurks below the surface, and what might grab,sting or bite your legs or feet. Yikes!

I also have a rational fear of losing my job,house,cars (but not my wife)and being hungry and homeless and having to possibly depend on others. So I work alot, save alot, and keep large amounts of cash around to buy my way out of trouble if needed


kanakiyoshi said...

Your fear of mannequins isn't all that strange. It's very common for people to be disturbed by things that are almost human, but not quite. This is what some call "the uncanny"
It's the unfamiliar familiar. We, as human beings, know what humans should look like: walking, talking, two eyes, etc. And when we meet something that almost makes those qualifications, but falls short, it's unsettling. That's why we have a habit of keeping our distance when we're face to face with an amputee.

nicole said...

the muppets. freak. me. OUT.

Pendulum said...

Seems like some of your fears are justified, while others may need some furtehr research. Having some fear is not such a bad thing. There is a big difference between healthy and unhealthy fear. Suggest you review for more info.

TheSam antha said...

I have the same fear about lakes and stuff in the lake. It freaks me out and I cant go in if I cant see whats under me.