Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shawn Meyer

I am irrationally afraid of vomit. Yeah, most people can't stand the stuff either, but I'm actually phobic. At the slightest indication that someone's going to puke within my range of sight/hearing, I have to run away to some corner with my hands clapped over my ears, humming to myself with my eyes squeezed shut. Most people hate flying because they think the plane's going to crash. I'm more afraid of someone being airsick on me than dying in a crash. That's how much I can't stand vomit. The sight/sound/smell of someone vomiting to me looks and sounds like they are dying a terrible death. I really don't know why, either but apparently I'm not alone in my irrational fear. Emetophobia is among the top ten most common phobias.


Nate said...

I, too, am emetophobic. However, I have no problem with other people vomiting (unless it is caused by something I might catch, which would thus cause me to vomit). No, I am completely, and utterly terrified of vomiting myself. Like, full-on irrational would-rather-be-shot terrified. I have bizarre little rituals I have to perform. I am not superstitious in the least, however when it comes to vomiting, I almost constantly have to touch wood, or do other silly things as an assurance that I will not puke.

Cool Tapes said...

Me too. You've described it well. I cover my ears and hum if someone else is vomiting, though I am slowly growing out of it. Still, I panic outright if I suspect that I might throw up. (My friend's grandma is so emetophobic that she passes out when she is about to throw up. I am not quite THAT bad, however.)

Anonymous said...

wow its funny we had a fire drill and I turned to the left for a second and see a fat girl standing under a tree for a split second and all of the sudden she explodes. I was like WTF! it kinda scared me, yo.