Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rachel Romeo

1. Cotton. I hate cotton balls. I can not touch them or I will literally start to dry heave and want to pass out. My husband only makes this worse by biting his t-shirts making that cotton on teeth noise... ughh... Also whenever I go to the dentist I make myself look like an ass because I have to tell the doctor not put those cotton balls in my mouth. Usually when they ask why, I say I'm allergic even though I'd be wearing like blue jeans.

2. The dark. Only when indoors though. I mean think about it. If per se there was some sort of stalker/killer on the loose and after you. Would you rather be outdoors where you can run away as fast as you can screaming with the highly probable chance that someone else will notice you and take you to obvious safety. ORRR.. would you rather be in your house where if the killer/stalker were smart, they could just lock you in and take their time killing you. I think I've made my point that this is a rational fear.

3. Anytime I'm swimming, be it a lake, pool, river, or ocean, I swear to every God out there, that I can feel there is a river monster swimming up to get me. Nothing has to touch me or brush my leg or anything, I just know for a fact (when I'm swimming) that out of nowhere the sun will be blocked, I'll look to see by what, and all I'll see are teeth and a gullet. And if you'll notice I did say this happens in pools too.

4. This one comes from a kinda urban legend. My older sister told me about this crazy killer guy who would kill your dog then lick your hand when you were sleeping. I was like 6. So to this day I can not and will not sleep without all my hands/feet/fingers/toes firmly and securely tucked into my blanket. Cause everyone knows the guy can't kill your dog if he can't lick your hand.

5. This last one isn't an irrational fear. It's more of an irrational hatred. Of shortened names. My name is Rachel, and I see red if someone calls me Rach. I will never call someone by a shortened name and I absolutely hate it when others do. Except for Bill. I don't like the name William.


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious--if someone introduces themselves as their shortened name (for example, my name is Elizabeth, but I go by El or Elli), do you still insist on using the full name? One of my professors hated shortening names, too, so I'm just curious how it works out for you.

(P.S. after I watched JAWS at 6, I was afraid of ALL WATER--bathtubs, sinks, toilets, pools rivers--for the next five or six years. I didn't learn how to swim until I was eleven, even, I was so scared. Wouldn't take a bath without one of my sisters until I was 9 or so, and you could forget being in any other kind of water alone. I'm fine with it all now, and even masochistically watch JAWS every summer before I go swimming in the river, but back then--NO deal. I could just feel the big, nasty shark getting closer and closer!)

--that was a long comment XD

Toby said...

I'd have to say, i'm similar with the cotton ball thing. Not too bad. I can touch them and look at them fine, as if they're nothing.
It's just if i roll them between my fingers, I get that nails on a chalk board feeling and I may even get the mild dry heave effect. I'm not sure, i should check and see if that still happens to me.