Sunday, December 7, 2008


1. Automatic Flush Toilets. This is something that extends to all toilets, but if I am on a road trip, and the only toilet available is automatic flush, I need to find a conventional toilet stat, or I have to hold it in. Longest on record is a little over 7 hours. I'm not afraid it will explode, or gobble me. They are just scary.2. Mushrooms, in the wild, or in those unconstrained baskets at the grocery store, are ominous. They just gather and perhaps it's that they never move, never sway in the wind. They are planning something.3. People with no face. Either completely blank, or that it's been cut off.4. Bugs in my skin. I went through a period of insomnia and that was my first hallucination. Since then, every little itch has me completely freaked out and I begin a head to toe examination to make sure I have not been compromised.I also share the fear of the person who wrote about glancing out the window at night when the room is bright. I'm not afraid of any one thing, just that I will see something terrifying.

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