Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ixar Raxath

I only had two until I saw that picture, so my first is being the bugger in the front with all those naked people chasing me.

-My second irrational fear is sort-of heights but as long as what I'm standing on is solid (thick tree branch, balcony, etc) I'm fine, but if its a ladder or a small ledge, I wont go further up than I can jump off the ground. Even if Ive watched someone go up the same ladder to the top a hundred times without incident. Maybe I was dropped on my head as a kid. I know I had my head set on fire, but I'm still a pyro.

-My third fear is that someone will sneak up on me from a blind spot and try to kill me. I wear glasses and I have really bad vision so anything I'm not looking directly at is fuzzy and indistinct and looks rather like a person if I'm not paying attention. I'm just afraid it will be so I'm constantly looking over my shoulder.

And Ryan Campeau is right. DOB kicks ass

Note from Lounsey: I am one of those naked people. We were running out of the freezing water after Spencer Tunicks photo-shoot in Dublin (it was freezing cold, windy and raining, and it was 7am) was a freaking surreal and great morning.

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