Monday, December 8, 2008

Iwan Pitts

I am terrified of bees, wasps and hornets. But I don't consider this irrational. I mean, I know they're tiny compared to me and I'm not allergic. But we had a wasp nest in our loft when I was young and they kept coming into the house and you'd hear them buzzing all the time. It really, really freaked me out. But I'm sure this is completely common. I'm 22, and my fiance makes fun of me when I run away when a wasp comes close. She didn't watch Candyman when she was 10, and she didn't have a wasp infestation when she was 8, so she doesn't understand, and it bugs me when people make fun of this. She did watch Jurassic Park however, and she is easily wound up by me telling her there are dinosaurs behind every tree or building, especially raptors.

However, my mother tops all of this. She has a completely irrational phobia and I've never heard of anyone else suffering from it.

She is absolutely terrified of windmills.

She can't drive past them in the car, she has a panic attack if she sees one and she'll even freak out if she sees one on TV. She also can't explain why she's scared of them. It's the weirdest fear I've heard of hands down.


Shayna said...

I actually have a friend that is also afraid of windmills. I have always thought that was weird, he says it's the size of them that freaks him out the most.

Jess said...

I am terrified of any kind of wasps/bees too. My sister got stung when she was little and had to go to the hospital, so I think that is what made my fear even worse. I'm 22, and have (luckily) never been stung before, so the fear of not knowing what will happen scares me to death. I get picked on all the time too when I run away after I see one...I'm freaking out trying to get away from it, while anyone around me just laughs...a very horrible feeling! They are actually the reason why I don't like to be outside that much during the summer.

Audrey Harris said...

My friend is afraid of wasps and bees. It's funny because she will see a bee or a wasp and she will run off leaving me sitting there usually I see the was or bee and understand why she ran off though.