Friday, December 5, 2008

Ryan Campeau

I at first didn't think I had any irrational fears...but there is one that is close. This is somewhat a prophetic, deja vu-esque feeling that accompanies the original vision of myself- around the age of 10, walking on the sidewalk towards my middle school on the right. When walking by some community type building- I always still, and originally, felt that one day in the future 2 individuals would hold hands and run behind me, clothes-lining me from behind and causing me to go face first into the pavement, probably resulting in breaking my front teeth. Even now, 20 years later, if I go back to my hometown and walk over the sidewalk I can not help but get the feeling, even look behind me. Will it ever happen? Did it happen to someone else? I wait and see, and I still walk over the sidewalk.

Oh and if DOB reads this -- wut up DOB love yur' work!

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