Friday, December 5, 2008

Gabriel Lafferty

1. I cannot have pencils/knives/pointy things pointed towards me. They will become tools of death and randomly fly in the direction they are pointed. I turn them so they are pointed towards a wall. I keep an eye on everyones silverware at dinner.
2. It scares me to casually glance out the window if its dark outside but bright inside. A demon or something will pop up from the gloom and scare the living crap out of me. In my fear, that's basically all it does.


Cosmo said...

I suffer also from #2, except it's a clown-hobo instead of a demon.,

Anonymous said...

I had a glow in the dark skeleton hung in the tree outside the living room window for Halloween last year. I almost lost my shit when it got turned around in the wind and peered in the window one night.

Claire Kaplan said...

I too have the window-peerer fear. Maybe it's common?