Friday, December 5, 2008

Ryan Meeker

1. If I am using the restroom at my house, I first have to open the shower curtain. Just to make sure that while im doing my thing, a killer won't pop out and iI will be caught with my pants literally down.
2. When I am outside, I get the sudden fear that gravity will disapear and i will start to drift twords space, then at the last second, it turns back on and I plummet to my death.
3.That the super volcano will erupt at any minute (look it up)
4 making an irrational fears list longer than three fears....Oh God no!!


Anonymous said...

I think everyone I know suffers from #1.
I have a clear shower curtain.

Pluto Snares said...

I didn't think anyone else checked behind the curtain! I do it at anyone's house, not just mine..

Toby said...

I've thought about the gravity thing a few times. But it's not a constant fear. It's just really scary to think about.
Except with my version i'd just keep floating and drift off into the deep abyss of space.