Sunday, December 7, 2008

Robin Neale

I am terrified of finger nails and toe nails. When people clean their nails in front of me, I gag and have to leave to go breath and think of ponies. I have thrown up on multiple occasions from seeing people bite on their fingers near the nails, and from one horrifying occasion, catching a little boy chewing his toenails. (I'm having a hard time typing this because even thinking about it makes me ill.) There was an episode of Kenny vs. Spenny where one of them had to bite a toenail off the other - I didn't see it coming, and I ran away in near tears to cover my ears and do crazy deep breathing and think of magical ponies. For the record, I'm fine with dissections and gory movies and crime scene photos - just not nails.

I am terrified of falling forwards. I don't jump off anything, small or big, and I won't step up on anything that even has a chance of being slippery or rickety. I have this horrifying vision of smashing my teeth on something, and I'm sure this came from a video of someone being curb-stomped on Newgrounds. I even have nightmares of my teeth being smashed inwards.

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