Friday, December 5, 2008

Patrick Russum

i have two, and only two, fears:
1. Being alone in any large open area where my field of vision is for some reason blocked, this could be a corn field or an abandoned airstrip on a dark overcast night or anything in that vein, i will just start sobbing uncontrollably (i actually don't think i can stress how terrifying corn fields are, i've just seen way too many movies (children of the corn, the stand, Jurassic park 2 even though that was long grass) to EVER feel comfortable around a cornfield)
2. Spiderwebs, i know this is a common one, but i'm not actually afraid of spiders, i think they're pretty and i watched a ridiculous number of nature shows as a child and therefore could easily tell if any spider on or near me was potentially lethal, but spiderwebs just freak me the fuck out, whenever i run into one i just start flailing around in a blind panic, which tends to be hilarious to everyone except me


Allisa said...

My aunt is the same way. She will hold a spider in her hands and evrything but as soon as spiderweb crosses her path, she will start freaking out and yelling.

Temitayo said...

This is so odd.... I'm deathly afraid of spiders but their webs do not bother me at all...