Friday, December 5, 2008


Dropping my car keys in my petrol/gas tank whilst refuelling my car.
The idea ocurred to me once and it struck me as amusing.
It progressed from there and if my car has a locking perol cap I tend to carry a duplicate key.
When driving cars with a remote release refuelling flap the second I have released the flap I put the keys in my pocket.
I am not taking chances with this.
I mean SRSLY, how stupid would you feel if you accidentaly dropped your car keys down the filler neck of your petrol tank?
Imagine the call to the (A)AA/R.A.C/recovery services. Before admitting your stupidity there would be a walk of shame away from the petrol station.
No mobile phones on the forecourt and all that. Danger of explosions.
O-SHI how much worse would that be? Claiming on your insurance because you blew up a whole petrol/gas station because you stupidly dropped your keys into your fuel tank then phoned for help?
I betterr stop now before I start to get worried about what may happen whils waiting for the recovery services to arrive....

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