Friday, December 5, 2008

Anthony Lucrezi

This is a fun one,
I have an unnatural fear of touching light bulbs with my hands.
I can usually force myself to do it but as soon as i do, i invariably
start to shake and my hands begin to hurt.
The odd thing is that it's just regular bulbs, christmas lights and
florescent bulbs don't affect me


Michael said...

Someone I know had to be hospitalized because of an accident with a bulb.

She attempted to change one while her hands where wet and the bulb was still hot. The temperature differential caused the light to bust and for her to be shocked to the point of unconsciousness. She was still finding shards of glass in her hand a week later.

Lounsey said...

em...I hate to be a spoilsport..and I may be wrong..but I don't think that compounding people's fears is the way to go on this one!

addaminsain said...

what about energy saving bulbs?
I also had a regular light bulb explode on me lately.
It was flickering so I *stupidly* tapped the lampshade.

It went boom, leaving me in the dark, barefoot with a floor full of broken glass.

Hope this helps...